Chesterbrook and Dana Court Learning Centers:

      The Learning Centers are a free after-school program for the children who live in Chesterbrook Gardens and Dana Court. For more than fifteen years, the Chesterbrook Learning Center has been a vibrant safe haven where the children can come and spend their time after school. The Dana Court Learning Center has been in operation for the past four years. The students receive homework help, academic enrichment and mentoring, as well as a healthy snack at both Centers. They also have access to computers, the Internet and a printer in addition to a well-stocked library, and they participate in arts and crafts activities and indoor and outdoor games.
       Perhaps most importantly, the children love interacting with the Bentley University student volunteers, who are much more than tutors – they are mentors and role models who motivate the children to succeed both academically and socially.
       The Chesterbrook and Dana Court Learning Centers are unique because they allow the children to come home to their own neighborhoods, rather than attending an after-school program at school or a third site. As a result, the programs not only support the children of Chesterbrook and Dana Court, but they are a key component of their communities.

Teen Center:

      Open to the 8th through 12th graders at Chesterbrook Gardens and Dana Court, this evening program provides academic support and professional development focused on the individual needs of its participants.
       Staffed by Bentley University Service-Learning mentors, participants in the program receive one on one attention to help support the Chesterbrook and Dana Court youth in achieving their academic and professional goals, and their college aspirations. The Teen Center is open twice a week and runs concurrently with the Bentley University and Waltham Public Schools academic calendars.
       Aside from providing academic support, the Teen Center features fun community events including movie nights, scavenger hunts, cooking classes and more.

Guyz Only:

      Guyz Only is open to the 5th through 12th grade guyz at Chesterbrook Gardens and Dana Court. The program connects them with role models who encourage them to become comfortable with themselves, pursue their dreams, and develop their social skills. Through comradeship and weekly “hangouts,” the guyz will have a venue to freely express themselves, discussing anything that is on their minds in a fun and open atmosphere.
       Guyz Only is a judgment-free zone where everyone can relax, release their stresses and anxieties, and learn through each other’s experiences.
       Guyz Only runs on Wednesday evenings from 8:00 - 9:15 PM.

Prism Project:

      The Prism Project is an engaging and interactive workshop for the 5th through 12th grade girls at Chesterbrook Gardens and Dana Court. The project helps the girls to achieve a higher level of self-esteem through the discover of three core values: ambition, inner beauty and full potential.
       Through crafts, games and other activities, the project works with the girls to address issues such as respect, dreams, body image and self-confidence.
       The Prism Project is a safe space where girls can feel comfortable sharing their experiences, perspectives and problems, and learn from the group, made up of other girls and Bentley University female mentors. The workshop runs on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:00PM, and is open for girls in 5th-12th grades.