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The Chesterbrook Community Foundation (CCF) empowers the children and teens who live in the Chesterbrook Gardens public housing community in Waltham, Massachusetts by providing them with mentoring, academic support, and enrichment in structured after-school and evening programs.


Chesterbrook Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2008. The Foundation operates two community centers. The Chesterbrook Community Center is located in the 100-unit Chesterbrook Gardens public housing complex in North Waltham.  The community centers operate free after-school and teen programs for students in the communities. The community centers are vibrant, nurturing places where the children not only benefit from academic tutoring, but also engage in mentoring relationships with college students. In this environment, the children are motivated to do well in school, and they are given an opportunity to develop both their academic skills and their social skills.

The centers are unique because they allow the children to come home to their own neighborhoods, rather than attend an after-school program at school or a third site. As a result, the program not only supports the children of Chesterbrook Gardens, but also the parents, guardians, educators, and entire community. The center is a collaborative workplace where students learn and grow with their Bentley University mentors.

Our Volunteers

Bentley University students provide one-on-one tutoring and mentoring for our participants. Students change each semester based on classes and service placements, though many stay in touch for the duration of their undergrad time and beyond. In fact, several former college volunteers now serve on our board of directors!


Maureen Kuper, Program Director

Chesterbrook Community Center

Melissa Wolcott, Development Director

Chesterbrook Community Center

Board of Directors

John Casassa, President


Mike Boyd, Vice President

Pernod Ricard

Nick Nagengast, Treasurer

Baystate Financial

Matt Glynn, Clerk

Raytheon Companies

Isabel Small


Leah Lubert


Brian Shea

Bentley University

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